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Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 2 (8 packets)

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Name in ENG: Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 2 (8 packets)


  • ColoVada Intestinal Reset and Cleanse Programme is the UK’s number one product for ensuring a thorough cleanse of the gastro-intestinal tract.

    It eliminates harmful toxins from the body, whilst restoring a fully functioning and healthy gut.

    Composed of completely natural ingredients, a safe detoxification with the Colo Vada product can be guaranteed.

    Intestinal detoxification should ideally be performed at least twice a year as undigested food waste accumulates and sticks to the lining of the bowel, resulting in illness, disease and imbalance. Complete detoxification eradicates this problem. And, once cleansing is complete, the intestines are better able to absorb the nutrients ingested from the diet.

    This programme is a daily course progressing over two weeks.

    Phase one consists of tablets for seven days (labelled number 1).

    Phase two consists of both tablets (labelled number 2) and powder mix (total of 16). This phase continues for four days. The mix is to be taken four hours apart, four times a day.

    Phase three concludes the Cleanse with tablets (labelled number 3). This final phase progresses over three days.

    The Colo Vada Cleanse ensures optimum effect at all stages from effective preparation optimising internal conditions, through a deep cleanse to ensuring maximum after effects through the use of nutrients to optimise the effects of detox.

    Phase one is considered a preparatory phase in order to facilitate a more successful detox. The natural herbal ingredients soften any faecal matter adhered to the bowel lining and act as a laxative to start the cleansing process.

    In addition, phase one facilitates the elimination of micro-organisms / parasites and gut flora, prior to commencing the deep detox. This part is of paramount importance.

    Phase two - consisting of the deep cleanse.

    When taken, the powder mix expands, once in situ to engulf and absorb all the waste and harmful pathogens that cause illness.

    Phase three works on the basis that the optimum environment has been balance and functioning within the digestive tract have been established. This phase further assists the gut by containing enzymes to aid digestion and metabolism.

    When participating in the Colo Vada, oral fluid intake should be increased to both prevent dehydration and assist in the flushing out and elimination of toxins. It will also boost energy levels.

    In summary, the Cleanse has numerous benefits:

    It is detoxifying, providing a thorough cleanse of the gastro-intestinal tract.

    It has a laxative effect to ensure a thorough cleanse.

    Working on both anthelmintic and antimicrobial, meaning it expels parasites and harmful and damaging microbes / pathogens / micro-organisms. This is all done without causing damage to you, the host.

    Assists with restoring the population of natural, healthy gut flora (micro-organisms).

    Normalises and regulates healthy digestive functions. A better functioning GUT (gastro-intestinal tract) eradicates dysfunction and the occurrence of ill health and disease.

    Stimulates peristalsis - a regular wave of muscular contractions and relaxations. This helps to project food and waste along and out of the digestive tract.

    Acts as a tonic, this plus the eradication of toxins boosts overall energy levels.

    It is an antioxidant meaning it possesses properties capable of preventing chemical reactions responsible for producing free radicals. Free radicals are harmful and damaging to cells.

    Supports the absorption of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, macro and micronutrients) enhancing the benefits of a healthy balanced diet.

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