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Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 1 (14 packets)

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Name in ENG: Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus Set 1 (14 packets)


Colo Vada Plus - available to buy in Coral Club, Unites Kingdom, England, UK

Colo-Vada represents a is a detoxification and restoring program lasting 14 days, designes for the entire digestive tract. This 3-phase program is able to balance and renew the entire digestive system by resetting the entire intestinal tract, whilst supporting the body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Cola-Vada’s 3 phase program is currently the only wholistic detoxification program available in the UK, that promotes an anti parasitic protocol whilst on the detox.

Colo Vada - 1st Phase:

There are 14 packets of tablets for this 7-day phase. The first phase is crucial as it prepares the body for deep detoxification. Included, is an anti-parasitic agent, aiding the eradication of common intestinal parasites such as helminths, candida, protozoa and harmful gut-flora and preparing the body for Phase 2.

In this initial phase, natural herbs combined with key supplements loosen faeces stuck in the colon and attached to the intestinal wall, therefore encouraging a gentle laxative effect. The average digestive tract of a 30-year-old person may hold up to 3 kilograms of undigested food, that sticks to the wall of the colon. In order to prevent this causing medical issues, it is important to detoxify the colon biannually.

Colo Vada - 2nd Phase:

There are 8 packets of tablets as well as 16 sachets in this short phase, lasting just 4 days. Each sachet of powder contains the powerful set of ingredients that include lecithin, bioflavonoid (derived from citrus), prune powder, psyllium husk and the key ingredient to absorb toxins, which  is clay (kaolin).

This stage is when the body experiences the deep detoxification and the reset of gastrointestinal functions. The powder works by absorbing toxins and harmful matter deposited in the intestinal wall. Following this deep and penetrating cleanse, the villi (finger like projection of intestinal lining, that aid nutrients absorption) perform their tasks to optimal level. This ensures a better absorption rate of nutrients and their delivery to the cells.

Colo Vada - 3rd Phase:

There are 6 bags of tablets in this final phase. During this phase your bowel movements become regular. Your gut terrain is clean and balanced, the dominant flora is good and the bad flora is minimised or completely eradicated. The whole digestive tract feels like new; the bloating, pain, excessive gas and other previously presenting symptoms are gone. It is very important after this phase to review dietary habits that will further support the function of the digestive system by optimising it.

At this stage, digestive enzymes are part of the program. These help to digest food more easily, keep inflammation at minimum and optimise the extraction of healhty nutrients from food.

To promote the gut’s health during the detoxification process, the detox program includes the supplement Super-Flora, which contains pre and pro-biotics . Two Super-Flora tablets should be taken before bedtime, throughout the 14-days.

NOTE: If you suspect that you might be suffering from candida, ParaFight, an anti-parasitic complex, should be started prior to starting Colo-Vada and taken throughout.

To enhance the detoxification process, drinking plenty of pure water is recommended. Adding Coral-Mine to your water will ensure its quality by helping to remove toxins, therefore giving energy levels a boost.

Follow the link to know more about how Coral Mine can benefit your health, just click here.

There is also the opportunity to receive support from a nutritional therapist in a private group on Facebook. We invite you to join our Digestive Wellness Group and come on this journey with us.

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