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Colo-Vada Pack

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The release form: Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus, Coral-Mine 30 sachets


Colo Vada Plus is now available from Coral Club, UK, England

Colo Vada is the most popular program from Coral Club England, because it re-establishes excellent intestinal function in a simple, natural and functional way.

This program is suitable for ages 18 and older and is used for an effective two-week bowel cleanse. Colo Vada Colon Detox has been performed by thousands of people since the end of the 1980s. For nearly 30 years, many people have benefitted from this regenerating, purifying system for the intestine and specifically the colon. Tried and tested, people come back to this product time and time again.

Colo Vada Plus differs from other products on the market because it has a targeted approach that meets all the body’s needs during a complete detox. The Colo Vada Colon Detox purification program is divided into three phases.

First Colon Detox Phase - Colo Vada:

In preparation for a total intestinal cleanse, It has a duration of 7 days to properly prepare the body for purification. The thick mucus caused by an unbalanced diet can be ideal for the growth of pathogenic agents and can impede the absorption of key nutrients in the intestine. Furthermore, this layer accumulates in the intestinal villi, slowing down its motility and corrupting the faecal evacuation process. So to start to restore proper intestinal physiology, take packet n ° 1 in the morning and in the evening (with breakfast and dinner). Included are:

  • - antioxidant substances;

  • - a laxative of natural origin;

  • - extracts with natural anti-parasitic properties;

  • - macro and micro elements extracted from plants;

  • - a mix of herbal extracts with medicinal properties to facilitate the detoxifying action;

  • - good bacteria that make up the natural intestinal flora (Lacto, Bifido) and natural fibers for their maintenance.

Second Phase Colon Detox - Colo Vada:

Intestinal cleansing and total colon cleansing.

After having prepared the intestine, it is now ready to undergo a deep detoxification of the entire intestinal tract and specifically of the colon. Phase 2 has a duration of 4 days and is characterised by the use of clay. This has remarkable absorption properties,. In the intestine it absorbs all the toxins accumulated in the digestive tract, increasing its mass by 40%. For an optimal result, it is advisable to fast in this phase, which is easy to achieve due to the fact that hunger is kept at bay by the sachets containing powder with a carefully balanced amount of fibre.

Packet n ° 2 includes:

  • - clay;

- all the integrators of phase 1;

  • - natural substances that reduce hunger.

Third Colon Detox Phase - Colo Vada:

After having purified the colon from the substances that are toxic, proceed with  phase n ° 3 which concentrates on the restoration of an appropriate balance in the intestine. It lasts for 3 days. Substances are used to ensure proper functionality of the bacterial flora. Healthy intestinal flora is guaranteed by a physiological motility of intestinal villi, and by an efficient ability to acquire the nutrients present in food.

Packet No. 3 includes:

  • -  antioxidants;

  • -  bacteria of intestinal flora;

-  enzymes from plant sources;

-  fibers, vitamins and minerals.

It is important to remember that in case of dysfunctions of fungal or parasitic origin, as in the case of candida, it is strongly recommended to use the anti-parasitic program prior to using Colo Vada Plus.

For all those who follow this program, in order to improve each purifying process, it is recommended to consume at least 2 litres of water daily, preferably with the product Coral Mine, for an adequate supply of mineral salts and to purify at the same time the kidneys and the liver . In fact, ionic water helps protect these two organs from damaging agents.

However, before proceeding with the Colo Vada detox, it is always advisable to obtain a consultation with one of our Coral Club England consultants.

In order to purchase the Colo Vada and Coral Mine kit in Coral Club UK, England, simply click on "price".

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