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Colo-Vada Mix: 16 packets

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The release form: Colo-Vada Mix 16 packets

Name in ENG: Colo-Vada Mix: 16 packets


  • Colo Vada - Functional Approach to your Digestive System: Coral Club, England, UK

    The Colo Vada Plus is a systematic intestinal purification program that anyone can adopt in everyday life.

    This program was developed more than 30 years ago by a Canadian nutritionist, and since then millions of people have used Colo Vada Plus to optimize the body's purification process, in particular colon detoxification.

    Unlike other "detox" programs on the market, Colo Vada Plus is the only one that includes all the steps necessary for an effective purification that respects all the systems in the body.

    The Colo Vada Plus Program consists of three phases:

    Preparation Colo Vada Plus = FIRST STAGE - 7 days

    During this phase the body is preparing for a deeper purification.

    Packet No 1 contains:

    - antioxidants

    - natural laxative

    - plant-based vitamins and minerals

    - live bacteria (Lacto, Bifido) and dietary fibres

    - mix of medicinal herbs for effective detoxification

    - natural extracts against intestinal parasites (intestinal and vaginal dysbiosis, Candida, Ascaridi and Giardia)

    During this stage, toxins that have accumulated over the years in the intestines in the form of a toxic mucus are softened. This mucus prevents the absorption of nutrients and water in the intestine and especially the colon. The formation of toxic mucus is caused by an unbalanced diet, digestive problems and bad bacteria that are formed in the gut over time.

    Mucus and bad bacteria is addressed during this phase. The laxative herb helps to shift the mucus towards the colon and the anti parasitic herbs fight dysbiosis. This may result in an increased feeling of bloating and discomfort, but it is only temporary and it is caused by the die off of bad bacteria.

    Deep Purification Colo Vada Plus = SECOND STAGE - 4 days

    During this phase the body is undergoing complete reset and cleanse.

    Packet No 2 contains:

    - all the integrators of the first stage

    + Colo Vada Powder - mix of fibre, dietary clay and phylium husks for reabsorption of toxins that prevent the villi from absorption of nutrients. All the impurities present in the small and large intestine are absorbed, thanks to this powder, and it increases its mass by 40%.

    During this stage fasting from solid foods is advised but consuming foods like live yoghurt or kefir will be beneficial for entire digestive tract. The powder will keep sensation of hunger absent.

    Thanks to such a deep detox all micro and macro nutrients will be better absorbed and this will contribute to physical and mental well-being.

    Recovery Colo Vada Plus = THIRD Stage - 3 days

    During this phase healthy digestion function is restored.

    Packet No 3 contains:

    - antioxidants

    - natural laxative

    - live bacteria and dietary fibres

    - plant-based vitamins and minerals

    - a combination of plant-based enzymes

    By this stage the digestive system is rebalanced, the health damaging triggers like bad bacteria, mucus, toxins have been reduced or eliminated completely. The bad flora suppressed and good gut flora reinoculated, essential enzymes are introduced to provide additional support for digestion.

    Useful to know:

  • Anti-parasitic Program should be performed if you suspect parasitic overgrowth (candida, viruses and/or bacteria).

    To enhance the detox - drink filtered water with added Coral Mine, to neutralise free radicals, create alkaline environment and provide organic minerals to the body.

    Before purchasing the digestive reset program Colo Vada Plus, it is highly recommended to consult a Coral Club consultant.

    Contraindications: Colo Vada Plus is not recommended for those who have suffered from infectious diseases, pregnant women or if you have kidneys stones over 1cm in size.

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