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Coenzyme Q-10

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Name in ENG: Coenzyme Q-10


Co-enzyme Q10 from Coral Club UK

The Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is the fundamental element for the correct functionality of the cellular organelle called mitochondrion, which performs the function of creating energy. It has this function in all the cells of the body and is indispensable for optimal physical efficiency and healthy longevity. Coenzyme Q10 is of fundamental importance for vital organs that need high energy consumption, such as the liver, heart, pancreas and kidneys.

Ageing is one of the reasons that cause a deficiency of Coenzyme Q10; after 25 years of age the generation of Q10 decreases. There are also chronic diseases that affect the presence of CoQ10 in the body.

Health problems that have a negative effect on the accessibility and formation of CoQ10 are: cancer, Parkinson's, AIDS, diabetes, fibromalgia, problems of the cardiovascular system, premature ageing and muscular dystrophy. A group of medications that cause CoQ10 to decrease are statins, anti-diabetic drugs, steroids. In such cases, it is therefore necessary to administer CoQ10 daily.

In the field of food integration, Coenzyme Q10 has acquired an important reputation anti-ageing. Its clinical use pivots on its antioxidant power, particularly effective in the control of the bad LDL cholesterol and of the oxidation of the membrane lipids.

Coenzyme Q10 from Coral Club UK benefits:

- Improves vital energy.

- Prevents cardiopathies.

- Delays cellular ageing.

- Relieves the symptoms of some neurodegenerative diseases.

- Reduces the risk of hypertension and damage associated with it.

- Coenzyme Q10 also offers protection from stress due to intensive exercise and the strong emotional loads that life entails.

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