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Coenzyme Q-10

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Name in ENG: Coenzyme Q-10


The dietary supplement Coenzyme Q-10 is based on ubiquinone, an energy substrate that is essential for sustaining life of all cell types. The product boosts immunity, prevents premature aging, and the development of numerous diseases.

  • - Participates in producing 95% of all cellular energy;

  • - It neutralizes free radicals, assisting in saving the integrity of cell structures and the cell itself, activates metabolism, and slows down the aging process;

  • - It is important for the preventive treatment of cardiovascular system illnesses, liver and pancreas diseases, and immunodeficiency.

Coenzyme Q-10 Key Benefits

The product helps improve functions of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It is highly beneficial in cases of emotional, mental or physical stress and exertion.

The product is recommended for cases of metabolic disorders and obesity.

It helps slow down the process of aging, boosts brain functions, and is a powerful antioxidant

Coenzyme Q-10 Ingredients

Coenzyme Q-10 is a part of cellular mitochondria responsible for about 95% of energy. Heart, liver, kidneys, and pancreas are the organs that depend the most on the power supply from this substance. Coenzyme Q-10 improves myocardial blood flow, boosts stamina, and improves immune response.

This coenzyme is a part of many weight loss programs, as it stimulates energy output and normalizes metabolism.

Coenzyme Q-10 Usage

Take one capsule daily with a meal.

Coenzyme Q-10, ubiquinone, is an energy substrate needed by all kinds of cells. When there is enough of Coenzyme Q-10 in the tissues, the immune reactions proceed smoothly. In the human body the coenzyme is made from mevalonic acid, a key organic acid found in living bodies. With age this process slows down and that is when the Coenzyme Q-10 bioactive supplement comes to the rescue. 

Coenzyme Q-10 is a natural product based on ubiquinone which increases the energy potential of the body, beefs up its antioxidant protection, prevents premature ageing, and many other unpleasant conditions. 

Organs that expend the most energy need Coenzyme Q-10 the most. These include the heart, the liver, the kidneys, and the pancreas. Coenzyme Q-10 is part of the mitochondria that generate about 95% of all the energy consumed by the human body. The use of Coenzyme Q-10 is included in many weight reducing programs because it stimulates the generation of energy and normalizes metabolism. At the same time, excess fat gets broken down and is used as a source of nutrients by the body. 

With age the body loses its ability to absorb sufficient quantities of Coenzyme Q-10 that comes with food. At the same time the amounts of Coenzyme Q-10 synthesized in the body also decrease, which causes many diseases, usually associated with old age. 

Research has shown that Coenzyme Q-10 is necessary for the immune system; it increases the activity of macrophages and the quantity of immunoglobulin. 

Coenzyme Q-10 also normalizes the function of the cardiovascular system by improving the flexing ability of the myocardium and the blood flow through it. Positive side effects include anti-sclerotic, anti-arrhythmic, and anti-hypertension effects. Coenzyme Q-10 improves physical endurance and slows down ageing, protecting the mitochondria against oxidation. This significantly reduces the toxic effect of medications and helps the thymus gland cope better. 

It should be noted that Coenzyme Q-10 doesn’t have an immediate effect. The first results become noticeable between 2 and 4 weeks after you start taking it, once sufficient concentration has been achieved. 

Coenzyme Q-10 will be indispensible if you’re experiencing:
• Chronic fatigue syndrome; 
• Physical and emotional exhaustion;
• Arrhythmia, or hypertension;
• A buildup of plaque;
• Metabolic disorders;
• Or if you need to rehabilitate after a disease.

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