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CircuPhyt by Coral Club United Kingdom

This supplement contains a mixture of venotons of natural origin, proven effective in counteracting problems in blood vessels. It is useful in the prevention of varicose veins and promotes microcirculation. This product also has immunostimulant and antioxidant capabilities and is therefore supportive with situations of insufficient energy and body tone.

But let's take a closer look at the benefits of CircuPhyt:

  • - Protects blood vessels, optimizing their rheological properties

  • - Soothes inflammation of blood vessels

  • - Acts as an antioxidant and toning agent

  • - Boosts immune defences

  • - Normalizes circulation

The constituents of CircuPhyt and its properties:

In this precious plant complex we find the Diosmin, a flavonoid, extracted from citrus fruits, important for toning blood vessels.

The Gotu Kola and Ginkgo Biloba are important for vascular elasticity – Gotu Kola also promoting the healing of damaged blood vessels.

Horse Chestnut Seeds enhance microcirculation while hawthorn has antithrombotic properties.

But let's analyze these components further…

Diosmin, a particularly beneficial flavonoid, produces a toning action on a vascular level. It therefore improves microcirculation and hinders the onset of venous varices. It gives greater elasticity to the capillaries, optimizes vascular drainage and prevents inflammation of the venous walls.

Gotu Kola is a herb containing triterpene acids (for example, Asiatic acid) and flavonoids (for example Quercetin), substances that are active in optimizing both cerebral and peripheral circulation. This plant also gives greater elasticity to the blood vessels while its stimulant role in the production of collagen favours the repair of damaged blood vessels.

The Horse Chestnut Seeds perform an effective restructuring and toning action on the vascular level. The active components of these seeds (of which starch forms 60%) have beneficial properties for the optimization of microcirculation. They also lower capillary penetrability, reduce inflammation in large and small vessels, preventing the risk of diseases arising from blood stagnation.

Hawthorn fruit contains triterpenic and organic acids and vitamin C. These components give Hawthorn the ability to counteract production of angiotensin, a protein substance that causes intense vasoconstriction. In this way, dangerous formation of clots and thrombi is therefore hindered.

Ginkgo Biloba contains ginkgolides, bilobalides and flavonoids. These substances make the walls of the blood vessels more elastic, preventing erythrocytes and thrombocytes from adhering, thus preventing thrombotic risks, even at the cardiac and cerebral levels. Ginkgo performs a vasodilating action, optimizes capillary circulation, regulates blood circulation and reduces swelling at the extremities.

Blueberries contain many very healthy substances, including for example proanthocyanidins. They are, at a chemical level, oligomeric copies of flavonoids. They have an antioxidant effect and increase elasticity in blood vessels, both large and small, guaranteeing their integrity.

CircuPhyt is recommended for those at risk of cardiovascular diseases, as a result of the numerous protective and optimizing properties to the cardiovascular system.

This product is effective in phases of particular immune stress, as it contains numerous substances that strengthen immune cells and it is generally recommended even if there is excessive fatigue or signs of premature ageing, due to its excellent antioxidant and tonic action in our body.

This supplement guarantees the good health of circulation, heart and immune system, favoring our well-being all year round.

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