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Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Chocolate

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Name in ENG: Daily Deliciousтм Beauty Shake Chocolate


    • Daily Delicious Chocolate Flavour from Coral Club

      Beauty Shake Daily Delicious Chocolate - is the best protein complex which is enriched with essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals and collagen for healthy glowing skin and joint health. The Beauty Shake is available in three delicious flavours chocolate, raspberry and vanilla.

      Benefits of Beauty Shake:

      - Rich source of plant and animal based protein which combined together give all the essential amino acids that are required to rebuild healthy muscle and connective tissue.

      - Beauty shake has highly bio-absorbable type of hydrolysed collagen, which means it is easily absorbed and utilised. Collagen is utilised by your body to build healthy skin, connective tissue, hair and nails.

      - It is a rich source of beauty and youth micronutrients:

      Vitamin A - important vitamin for eyes, immunity and skin health. It also prevents acne and skin ageing.

      Vitamin E - one of the best fat soluble antioxidants which protects us from free radical damage. Important in skin regeneration, elasticity and prevents skin from UV damage. 

      Vitamin C - the most needed water soluble antioxidant to form and maintain strong connective tissue, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and skin.

      B complex - is important in energy production, maintaining sharp brain function and supports the body during high stress periods.

      Magnesium - the most needed alkaline mineral in the body that is involved in almost all metabolic processes. Improves greatly pain and aches, restless legs, cramps, headaches and aids in restful sleep if taken in the evening.

      Copper - helps to form collagen and plays an important role in energy production.

      Selenium - the best mineral with antioxidant properties, that supports thyroid health, metabolism, heart health, healthy skin and improves immunity. 

      Daily Delicious is a protein shake that tastes great and can be used as a meal replacement because it has all the nutrients required for the body.

      Daily Delicious has no sugar even though it has a nice sweet taste. In substitute to sugar it contains erythritol, which is safe to use in people with diabetes and people with sensitive digestive system.

      All the ingredients in Beauty Shake are of natural sources and do not contain Gluten or GMO ingredients.

      Buy Daily Deliciousтм Beauty Shake Chocolate in Coral Club England in one simple step: click on "price" and checkout.

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