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Cascara Sagrada

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Name in ENG: Cascara Sagrada


Cascara Sagrada in Coral Club England, UK

Cascara Sagrada is a natural herb that is used to balance the digestive tract. It is specifically used to treat chronic constipation, as it has a gentle laxative effect that aids in the frequency of bowel movements. Promoting the removal of toxins, this herb aids with the reduction of inflammation in the intestinal tract. Cascara is frequently used as part of a detox program, as it induces a bile-expelling action, increase bowel movements and promotes healthy liver function. This cleansing and balancing product can be used on a daily basis and is particularly beneficial for people suffering from constipation.

Cascara Sagrada Key Benefits:

  • - cleanses the intestines and the colon;

  • - stimulates and regulates bowel movement;

  • - detoxifies the body by helping to expel toxins;

  • - balances and normalizes the digestive system;

  • - reduces pain and inflammation of the intestine;

  • - provides anthraglycosides, tannins, essential oils;

  • - reduces bad cholesterol and bile, encouraging a healthy liver.

Cascara Sagrada is a natural solution for those suffering from constipation. It has a gentle cleansing action and is therefore suitable for acute and chronic atonic, and spastic constipation. It also aids with conditions such as hemorrhoids and fissures in the rectum, as it softens the stool. Working as a laxative, this herb supports the health of the digestive system as a whole; promoting the muscle tone of the intestine and stimulating the peristalsis.

Cascara becomes active upon reaching the large intestine, where it breaks down in to emodin and a form of acid that stimulates the tone of the peristalsis of the large intestine, therefore helping the stool to move through the system more easily.  At the same time, the production of waste is increased and yet thinned resulting in the laxative effect. The laxative effect occurs approximately 8-10 hours after taking Cascara, and so taking it in the evening, before going to sleep, is advised.

Essential oils in the Cascara also have the benefit of cleansing and balancing the intestine, by preventing fermentation and putrefaction.  The essential oils work to neutralize the large number of pathogenic or commensal microbes and bacteria found in the intestine. Polyphenols, found in these essential oils, increases secretion and the anti-toxic function of the liver by balancing bile production, which in turn allows the body to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and toxins in the body.

Directions: take 1 capsule a day with a meal as a dietary supplement.

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