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Name in ENG: BioShape


BioShape from Coral Club United Kingdom

BioShape is a supplement offered by Coral Club UK, to support optimal nutritional balance for those seeking to lose body weight. Athletes who follow intensive regimes with high physical effort, and those who are following weight loss programs may suffer the risk of nutrition imbalances. BioShape will help regulate appetite and consequently help weight management.

BioShape is recommended for those who wish to lose weight and maintain a desired weight. Combined with healthy nutrition and exercise, this supplement is the key to a toned and balanced body.

The reduction of body mass, visible after using this product, is not the only positive effect. BioShape offers beneficial actions that also affect the strengthening of muscle elasticity and the visible improvement of the skin's health, also reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Benefits of BioShape from Coral Club UK:

BioShape should only be taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet; only then can the following benefits be gained successfully:

- increase in vitality
- tones muscles and skin
- normalizes body weight
- regulates the metabolic process
- reduces the sensation of hunger

BioShape from Coral Club UK Components:

This is remarkably superior to other similar nutritional supplements, thanks to the balanced complex of amino acids contained in it. BioShape is much more effective than proteins derived from casein, soy or even wheat.

Supercitrimax is a natural blend that has an important task in regulating the lipids and carbohydrates within our metabolism and is made up of three basic components:

Gymnea Sylvestre is a climbing plant used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. It has the ability to block the absorption of sugars and lipids in the gastrointestinal tract. It affects the active processes of pancreatic cell regeneration. The pancreas is in fact responsible for the production of insulin which carries the sugar inside the cell for the production of energy.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit containing a high quantity of hydroxycitric acid in the skin; its function is to reduce the formation of cholesterol. This action is possible thanks to the fact that this acid binds to the centre of the enzyme that has the ability to curb the sense of appetite, while keeping the body mass in balance.

Chromium Picolinate guarantees the transport and use of glucose to produce energy, it also helps to metabolize carbohydrates. Excessive sugar intake damages chromium, increasing its loss in our body. Chromium deficiency is one of the main causes that trigger people to have a strong and overwhelming desire to consume sweet foods.

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