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Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Orange & Mango

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Name in ENG: Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Orange & Mango


Beauty Shake Orange & Mango by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland is a fantastic mix of easily available aminoacids, hydrolyzed collagen and vitamins. Thanks to its rich composition it helps you stay active, full of energy and, moreover, improves health and aesthetic appearance.

Coral Club’s Beauty Shake Orange & Mango has different flavours made to satisfy all your palates. It is well sweetened with a natural sweetener called erythritol. Even the aromas are all naturally derived.

Ingredients of Orange & Mango by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland.

Coral Club’s Orange & Mango contains three very important proteins:

1) Whey.
2) Collagen.
3) Isolated soy.

Benefits of Beauty Shake Mango & Orange by Coral Club

Proper nutrition is essential to having and maintaining good health. Due to today's frenetic rhythms we often pay little attention to nutrition. Furthermore, stress and smog contribute to weakening us both physically and mentally. For this reason, it is important to integrate with products that are both effective and natural.

Coral Club’s Beauty Shake Orange & Mango supplements the body with important and functional substances for mental and physical well-being.

Main benefits of Beauty shake Orange & Mango:

- Great source of precious amino acids.
- Rich in minerals such as selenium, copper and magnesium.
- A source of vitamins such as vitamins A, C, E, group B, PP.
- Improves the skin’s appearance as it improves elasticity and softness.
- Increases endurance and aids us during and after sports and other physical activities.
- Provides proteins that are highly available and essential for muscles, connective tissue and metabolic functions.

Ingredients of Beauty Shake Orange & Mango by Coral Club

Orange & Mango flavour Beauty Shake is an extraordinarily effective supplement because it contains a mix of natural and unique ingredients.

This supplement by Coral Club promotes physical and brain health. In addition it counteracts free radicals and improve your skin appearance.

The main ingredients of Beauty Shake Mango & Orange are:

1) Whey and soy protein isolate.

These ingredients help to maintain muscle strength and improve hair and nails. They also increase endurance during exercise and give energy.

2) Verisol hydrolysed peptide collagen

This is a "super ingredient" that makes this supplement by Coral Club truly exceptional as it is also called the "ingredient of eternal youth".

It is made up of 3 peptides:

- Lysine;
- Proline;
- Idrossiprolina.

Being very small, they are easily assimilated by the body and, therefore, act immediately in a very effective way to improve the hydration of the skin and the lubrication of joints avoiding chafing and out of cartilage.

Verisol hydrolysed collagen peptides have the highest absorption rate and it is gluten and cholesterol free.

3) Vitamins and Minerals.

In particular, Vitamin C plays an important antioxidant role. It counteracts the action of free radicals and stimulates the production of collagen. It also makes the skin appear more beautiful and youthful.

Coral Club also offers other flavours of Beauty shake: Chocolate, Raspberry and Vanilla.

Beauty Shake Mango & Orange by Coral Club is available in the United Kingdom, England and Ireland.

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