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The release form: 2 Bottles of 500 ml

Name in ENG: B-Luron


      • B-Luron from Coral Club UK

      • B-Luron is an essential combination containing Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Chondroitin for the regeneration of connective tissue and an increase in skin tone. It is a product developed using the most advanced nanotechnologies that ensures maximum efficiency and usefulness to the body. The active ingredients of Bi-Luron offer the building blocks for the creation of synovial fluid that protects the joints from friction that can then lead to damage to the cartilaginous tissue.

        The efficacy of B-Luron can be compared to that of localised intro-articular injections of hyaluronic acid, which is however an invasive and unpleasant procedure. While B-Luron, taken orally, has action on all joints and has a taste that is delicious!

        Benefits of B-Luron Coral Club UK:

        • - improves joint flexibility

        • - promotes muscle formation and body flexibility

        • - relieves symptoms of arthritis and osteoarthritis

        • - reduces or sometimes completely eradicates joint pain

        • - offers constructive bricks for the reconstruction of synovial fluid

        • - increases elasticity and flexibility of joints, cartilage and ligaments

        • - regenerates connective tissues (cartilaginous, skin, blood vessels)

        • -promotes healthy regeneration of the skin, slowing down the ageing process

          B-Luron can be used without medical observation as it has no side effect or drug interaction. Active ingredients in B-Luron: Hyaluronic acid is the basis of youth because it acts as an ally in the production of collagen.

          Collagen in the human body decreases after 30 years and this is manifested by the sagging of the skin, poor tone and wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid helps to keep the skin hydrated and with an increase in the production of collagen, it gives a healthy and bright appearance to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also the constructive base of the joints, so it is essential for healthy functioning and regeneration.

          The integration of chondroitin in our body is a precious and healthy remedy for inflamed joints. It in fact attenuates the degeneration and joint pain associated with inflammatory diseases, such as osteoarthritis, and osteoarthritis. It is  also an excellent precaution against diseases of the connective tissue cartilaginous.

        It improves the mobility of inflamed joints and controls the functional and structural degeneration of the joint, without having to resort to any anti-inflammatory drugs.

        Moreover, the use of Chondroitin in patients suffering from coronary artery disease manifests itself with an improvement in vascular lesions and a lowering of blood cholesterol concentrations.

        Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects against damaging free radicals. Among the most important functions of vitamin E there is the "anti-age" function, that protects and improves the skin. It is a natural supplement recommended to all those who want to safeguard the health of their joints and slow down the symptoms of ageing.

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