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BP Phyto Control

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Name in ENG: BP Phyto Control


BP Phyto Control by Coral Club United Kingdom

BP Phyto Control by Coral Club United Kingdom is a supplement formulated from bioactive plant ingredients, naturally sourced flavonoids, caffeine and tannins, designed to support and regulate cardiovascular function and help normalize blood pressure.

In addition, BP Phyto Control also contains moderately sedative properties and therefore acts positively on the nervous system.  With the addition of the antioxidant capabilities of its formula, this supplement is beneficial and supportive generally to the body.

The main benefits of BP Phyto Control include:

  • - Optimized blood circulation

  • - Antioxidant and reparative properties

  • - Normalized cardiovascular functions

  • - Prevention of blood vessel inflammation

General Properties:

BP Phyto Control by Coral Club United Kingdom consists of Scutellaria root extracts, Green Coffee seeds, Chinese Hawthorn berries, Leonurus Cardiac leaves and Hibiscus flowers.

The Scutellaria has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antibacterial and reparative properties. It also contributes to balancing blood pressure.

Green Coffee, along with Hawthorn, act beneficially on the functionality of the nervous system. They have the ability to improve mood and normalize sleep.

Hawthorn, Hibiscus and Leonurus Cardiac contain flavonoids, which provide positive effects on the hepatic functions, blood count, metabolic processes of lipids and proteins, in turn normalizing action on the cardiovascular level.

Coupled with the rich complex of vitamins and organic acids within the formula, this supplement enhances the general state of bodily health, leading to relief from stress both mental and physical and offering support during post illness convalescence.

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