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  • Colo-Vada Pack

    Colo Vada is the most popular program from Coral Club England, because it re-establishes excellent intestinal function in a simple, natural and functional way.

  • Coral Detox

    Coral Detox – it is an essential set for an effective and safe detoxification which can be used daily. The pack includes 4 products: Assimilator (90 capsules), H-500 (60 capsules), Coral-Mine (30 sachets), Coral Lecithin (120 capsules). 

  • ONESTACK: Mental Force

    ONESTACK: Mental Force is a complete program to support and reinforce cognitive function. It includes 8 products and is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 10 days. Accurately following the program through all the phases brings lasting benefits.

  • Daily Health Pack

    Daily Health Pack is a program that includes Coral-Mine, Ultimate, H-500 and Omega 3/60 products. It provides the essential nutrients for the body’s well-being, is taken daily, and is ideal for enriching a healthy daily diet.

  • Set "Healthy start"

    Amongst the latest products to be introduced by Coral Club Wellness, is the all new Healthy Start. Suitable for all, this is ideal for those ready to begin a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Water Pack

    Coral Mine - This is a nutritional supplement which comes in powder form, to be added to water. It provides organic mineral salts, obtained from coral that has been collected in Japan. Kor Delta - water bottle with a volume of 750ml. The modern and ergonomic design allows for  easy use whilst riding or cycling.

  • Расk of life

    Pack of Life is a unique set of products that are chosen to satisfy daily bodily requirements in micro and macro nutrients. The Pack of Life set from Coral Club includes: Coral MineAssimilator, ActiVin.

  • Healthy gut

    Coral Club's Healthy Intestine program is a specific program to restore bowel and digestive health; however, this healthy gut program will impact the well-being of the whole body.

  • HydraMax

    HydraMax by Coral Club is a program comprised of three different supplements. This program by Coral Club is aimed at improving water quality and making it more assimilable for your body.

  • ParaShield

    The main benefits of Coral Club’s ParaShield are: Fights fungi and parasites. Contrasts dysbiosis, candida and herpes. Prevents the onset of viral infections in the intestine. Creates an unfavorable environment for parasite replication. Improves digestion and reduces inflammation of the digestive system. Strengthens the immune system by making us more resistant to attack by viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

  • C-Pack

    C-Pack by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland is a kit made up of different natural supplements that contribute to heart health. The heart is the body’s vital engine. Poor performance of the heart may lead to serious health issues. In order to keep it healthy and vigorous, it is essential to eat properly, eat less animal fats and play sports regularly.