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Clear Mind and Good Memory

  • MindSet

    MindSet is a complex specifically formulated to support an individual in times of both physical and mental fatigue. This supplement guarantees an optimal flow of nutrients to the brain by improving blood circulation.

  • Gotu Kola

    The active ingredients of the Gotu Kola plant (centella asiatica) are harnessed in this supplement, specifically designed to stimulate cerebral circulation, improve mental focus and memory and tone the cardiovascular system.

  • Ginkgo Biloba

    The Ginkgo Biloba tree is native to Asia and has been used since the dawn of time as a remedy for people's health, leading to the name “the tree that stretches life”. In recent years its active ingredients have been studied more closely.

  • ONESTACK: Mental Force

    ONESTACK: Mental Force is a complete program to support and reinforce cognitive function. It includes 8 products and is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 10 days. Accurately following the program through all the phases brings lasting benefits.

  • Tasty B lime flavor

    Tasty B in from Club UK is a combination of the B vitamins group with a delicious and refreshing lime taste. Nowadays, the average daily diet is not capable of providing the right amount of B vitamins that our body needs for optimum health. The Vitamin B group is essential for producing energy, repairing and regenerating our cells in both the immune system and nervous system.

  • Omega 3/60 - 90 capsules

    Omega 3/60 is specifically designed to support the cardiovascular system and to prevent diseases that may affect it. This incredible fatty acid supplement boosts the body’s immunity system, reduce inflammation, balances hormones as well as combating cellular deterioration all thanks to high omega 3.

  • Protivity

    Protivity is designed to boost metabolism and aid the repair of muscles after intensive physical exercise or injury. It is also beneficial post surgery as it supports the immune system and endocrine system.

  • AquaOx

    This product is made from a vegetable blend of powerful antioxidants. They optimise the functions of the central nervous system, improve the processes of the cardiovascular system, regulate circulation and venous porosity, and prevent the premature ageing of organic cells.

  • ActiVin

    ActiVin - supplement is based on grape seed extract which offers effective antioxidant properties. It counteracts the ageing processes, has a beneficial effect on memory and strengthens the cardiovascular system. Everybody would benefit from supplementing with Activin but it would be of a particular interest to people over the age of 35.

  • Coral Lecithin

    Lecithin is a phospholipid that supports a healthy body and mind, because it is an essential component for building cell membranes, in particular myelinated cells (of the nervous system). It is a rich source of omega 3, omega 6, choline and inositol, all the components necessary for people who are subject to excessive stress, because they support the proper functioning of the nervous system. Furthermore Lecithin supports the health and vitality of the cardiovascular system, immune system and reproductive system.

  • HydraMax

    HydraMax by Coral Club is a program comprised of three different supplements. This program by Coral Club is aimed at improving water quality and making it more assimilable for your body.