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Register and get a 20% member discount

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Name in ENG: Coral Club in England


If you would like to get a 20% Discount and buy the products at a Club price, you will need to became a Coral Club member. Please fill in the membership form here. Membership is completely free and has no obligation.

Upon completion of registration you will be assigned a discount number/card in the company. This will be your personal number where the bonuses from your purchases and purchases made on your recommendations will be accumutating. These bonuses will generate additional discounts of 5-15%, and will be awailable from the third week of the following month in your Coral Wallet.

Please note:

After registration you will need to choose the precise country, for example: United Kingdon - England (which you can change at the top of the page on the left hand side). Then you will be able to see all the discounted prices and shop.

Membership and discounts information:

  • - Only registered users can participate in the Discount program.

  • The discount program can be changed at the Company’s discretion and without prior notice.

  • Discount cards (membership) can be cancelled in case of violation of Company's rules.

  • After registration, a Coral Club user can not change Recommending Person (Advisor), indicated in the application form.

  • A user can not have multiple discount cards and registration numbers.

  • A discount card is unlimited, however in the case of no personal purchases within 12 months your recommendations will be expired and the card number transferred to the archive. In this case, you can always restore a discount card from the archive or purchase a new discount card.

  • To restore a discount card from the archive just purchasing products on this card number will be sufficient and it will be restored by the Company automatically.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us here, by skypecoralclubuk or on 0747-479-49-47.

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