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Healthy digestion

  • Papaya

    Papaya is a natural dietary supplement based on the juicy pulp of papaya. This product is developed in compliance with the best practices that help preserve nutritional value and other highly beneficial properties of this wonderful tropical fruit. 

  • Mega Acidophilus

    The product is highly beneficial for cases of microbial imbalances, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and alcohol misuse. This supplement improves absorption of nutrients, eliminates flatulence, and is effective against constipation. The product activates immune response of a human body.

  • Lax-Max

    Lax-Max is a mild natural laxative. The ingredients of this dietary supplement are specifically selected to ease bowel movements, improve digestion and restore beneficial microbial flora of the intestinal tract. Lax-Max helps cleanse the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract and promotes detoxification of the body by purging it of toxins and heavy metals.

  • Aloemannan

    Aloemannan is highly recommended to improve digestion and gastrointestinal tract function. It is a good tonic with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. The synergy of the ingredients (aloe, flaxseed, lecithin, and calcium) ensures easy absorption of the product. Serves to normalize digestive tract function, protect gastrointestinal mucosa, and accelerate regeneration of damaged tissues.

  • Assimilator

    Assimilator is an enzymatic complex that is developed to facilitate the complete break down of food into its basic building blocks; which can then be efficiently absorbed and utilised by our cells. Among many well known enzymes such as lipase, protease and cellulase, assimilator is a source of A and D vitamins, both important for overall good health.

  • DigestAble

    A dietary supplement "DigestAble" is a natural product that consists of digestive enzymes of vegetable plant origin. This product is a part of the "Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus" in the third stage of cleansing. Natural product for full recovery of healthy digestion; The complex of vegetable enzymes (Protease, Lipase, Lactase, Papain, etc.) improves digestion and absorption of nutrients; 

  • Super-Flora

    Super-Flora is the latest achievement in fixing the problem of dysbacteriosis. This product, made of high-quality raw materials and cutting edge technology while meeting all GMP requirements and industry quality standards.