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Detox Programmes

  • Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus

    This is the best complete digestive reset programme in the UK. It is the only deep natural detox programme that safely purifies your body and especially the colon. It respects the natural flow of the body’s detoxification pathways, cleansing the whole intestinal tract from top to bottom. The program covers 14 days, consisting of 3 phases.

  • Lax-Max

    Lax-Max is a delicate natural laxative, based on plant components. This supplement is carefully designed to include compounds that will facilitate movements of the bowel, as well as restore the microbial flora in the intestinal tract, leading to improved digestion, balance and well-being.

  • Coral Black Walnut

    Black Walnut from Coral Club UK is known for its anti-parasitic and anti-mycotic functions, it is widely used to fight intestinal parasites and other problems related to the malfunctioning of the digestive system due to the imbalance of bacterial flora.

  • FanDetox 10 sticks

    FanDetox by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland is a combination of highly essential, natural components aimed at the gentle and effective detoxification of the liver. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. However, due to continuous contact with toxins through water, food and air, our body needs more support for an organ as vital as the liver.

  • Colo-Vada Light

    Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland with Dr Albert Zher had us in mind when they formulated Colo Vada Light. A gentle but very effective and very simple detox program that is easy to follow. There are no rigid restrictions or strenuous fasting. It promotes gentle evacuation, rids the intestines of parasites and restores digestion to proper function.

  • Microhydrin

    Microhydrin is a powerful blend of organic minerals in ionic form. This unique combination provides alkaline minerals to the body and makes extracellular water enter the cell and hydrate it, hence the name micro = very small and hydrin = hydration possible thanks to negatively charged hydrogen atoms.

  • Coral-Mine - 30 sachets

    Coral Mine – is the best source of Organic Ionic Minerals, especially calcium, magnesium and a further 71 essential minerals. It optimizes the water quality, by improving its pH, ORP, structure and alkaline mineral composition. This makes it an outstanding product with no competition and it is safe to use at any age. Let’s study a few water parameters that are improved by Coral Mine.

  • Coral Artichoke

    Coral Artichoke is the best ally for the optimal functioning of the liver and the digestive system. It contains active extracts, with hepatoprotective properties that come from milk thistle, dandelion, betaine and artichoke.

  • FanDetox 30 sticks

    The dietary supplement FanDetox helps to purify the liver from damaging toxins deriving from alcohol, medication and waste products generated by unhealthy foods and lifestyles.

  • H-500 60 capsules

    H-500 is the most potent ionic antioxidant that neutralises free radicals. H-500 is the richest source of negatively charged hydrogen in ionic form. This form of hydrogen is present in a few natural springs around the world and in raw food, but when water is extracted artificially and food is processed the hydrogen is lost, because it is very sensitive to light and heat. The greater the amount of free ionic hydrogen a person consumes through food and water the greater vitality and longevity they will have.

  • Coral Detox

    Coral Detox – it is an essential set for an effective and safe detoxification which can be used daily. The pack includes 4 products: Assimilator (90 capsules), H-500 (60 capsules), Coral-Mine (30 sachets), Coral Lecithin (120 capsules). 

  • Healthy gut

    Coral Club's Healthy Intestine program is a specific program to restore bowel and digestive health; however, this healthy gut program will impact the well-being of the whole body.