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StressLess Programme

StressLess Programme in Coral Club England

Stress is one of the main problems of our time and millions of people are affected. We all know that stress negatively affects our work performance, family ties and especially our health.

The causes of stress can be multiple and sometimes we cannot escape stressful situation but there are many things we can do to reduce stress levels and gain better control over it.

People who are mostly affected by stress are those who dislike their job, live with constant tension, eat an unbalanced diet, lead a sedentary lifestyle and regularly smoke and/or drink alcohol.

These people accumulate a hormone called cortisol (stress hormone). When cortisol is high this affects the production of other hormones which help to relax and experience joy, such as serotonin and melatonin (happy hormones).

Chronic stress suppresses the immune system, increases oxidation (tissue damaging) processes and affects the performance of the nervous system, which in turn affects our sleep-wake cycle and digestive system. All of this leads to weaknesses in the body and overtime contributes to poor health and chronic conditions.

What shall we do?

To combat stress, preserve health and improve resistance to stressful situations we should apply 4 daily steps!

1) Proper Hydration

Lack of proper hydration leads to the accumulation of cortisol in the body, where-as drinking plenty of water can flush it out very efficiently. During stressful situations we loose lots of electrolytes and especially potassium, which is a key mineral to create cellular energy. To avoid deficiencies, PentoKan, Coral Mine or H-500 can be used. All of these supplements will slightly alkalise the body and will neutralise the oxidation process which is very elevated when high cortisol is present over the long term. 

2) Detox

It is of crucial importance to eliminate all foods and drinks that affect cortisol levels such as soft drinks, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and over-processed, precooked meals. It is a good time to perform a light detox by providing the body with lots of alkaline water and nutrient dense foods. Also, physical activities and sweating daily helps greatly because together with sweat we eliminate the build up of cortisol.

3) Nourishment

Many of us don’t feel hungry when stressed, whereas others overeat; often with very unhealthy foods. When we are under high stress our digestive system is shut, this means it’s not ready to receive food. This process is called Fight or Flight Mode, as opposed to Rest and Digest. When we are in Fight or Flight mode, there is high concentration of the cortisol in the blood which suppresses the hormones that are produced when you are in Rest and Digest mode. When we eat in a rush or under stress that often result in IBS symptoms and other discomforts within the digestive system.

Food choices should be well balanced but especially during periods of stress as bodily systems require higher amounts of good nutrients to combat stress and vitamins like vitamin C, B complex and Antioxidants are needed in greater concentration. There are natural supplements that can help to protect nervous system like Tasty B, MindSet and Evening Formula.

B vitamins are used in high amount when we are stressed and it is impossible to have enough through the diet daily; there is a fantastic sugar free chewable B complex, that can be safely used by people with blood sugar disorders like diabetes. It is a great after-lunch treat for someone who craves something sweet after meals.

MindSet is a supplement based on amino acids, B vitamins (B6, B9, B12), reishi mushrooms, ginger and ginkgo biloba. This product improves blood circulation, increases attention, memory and the ability to cope with stress. In addition MindSet fights atherosclerosis, increases body energy and regulates the sleep-wake cycle.

Evening Formula is a combination of different nutrients and herbal extracts that is designed to help combat stress and regulate the sleep-awake cycle. Among many nourishing nutrients there are magnesium glycerinate (best form for brain action), L-Theanine, Lemon Balm, St. Johns Worth and others.

4) Protection

Protection is daily duty for your body; inside and out to a healthy environment around you. To avoid over exhaustion, chronic fatigue and nervous breakdown we should take care of our emotional state and body everyday. These additional health healing practices may include:

Essential Oil Therapy
Epsom Salt Bath with Essential Oils
Breathing Techniques like Alexandr Technique
Meditation (e.g. good app is Calm, Head Spase)
Exercise (pilates, yoga, running, spin, stretch & tone)

Other supplements that can help during a highly stressful period:

ActiVin is a supplement with exceptional antioxidant properties that fights the accumulation of free radicals in our body. This product is particularly developed to combat stress, ageing, increase memory and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Active activates immune responses and preserves brain function.StressLess Programme in Coral Club England

Assimilator is a natural enzyme supplement used to support digestive system performance. It helps to digest proteins, carbohydrates and fats and prevents possible intestinal inflammation, reduces excessive gas and fights constipation. It also provides vitamin D and antioxidant vitamin A.

Gotu Kola, is a plant supplement based on the "memory herb" of Madagascar, which improves blood circulation and memory. This supplement fights atherosclerosis, depression, fatigue and varicose veins. Gotu Kola is recommended for improving the elasticity of vascular walls and mental processes.

All of these supplements are designed to help reduce tension, balance nutrients and improve sleep.

Try and find your balance to regain your health back and prevent many health conditions.

Once the right measures are taken, you will feel serenity and a strong capacity to to deal with the stressful situations life is presents at times.

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