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Strong Immunity Program

Strong Immunity Program by Coral Club UK

Strong Immunity Program by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland

The immune system is a complex network of interactions that protects us from external agents and can be both innate and specific. The immune system defences have a memory of all the pathogens we have contracted in life and are activated immediately after birth.

It is very common to have a decrease in immune system responses in todays modern world. This happens due to:

  • Increased stress.

  • - Bacterial, viral and fungal mutation and invasion.

  • - Constant use of antiseptics, low contact with soil.

  • - High concentration of free radicals, which lead to cell death.

  • - Low in nutrients and rich in preservatives, dyes and harmful fats diet.

  • - Poor hydration, which leads to excessive thickening of blood and intoxication of lymph.

  • - Mineral deficiencies such as zinc, magnesium and selenium important for many cellular processes and properly functioning immune cells.

  • - Carbonated, acidic and too sugary drinks that alter the cellular environment lower the immune system and promote parasite growth.

The most common symptoms of those who have a drop in immune system defences are: acute or recurring colds and flues, food intolerances, chronic exhaustion, constant tiredness, excessive sleep, loss of interest in things, little concentration and poor memory.

A compromised immune system influences our working performance and our daily life. It is easier to contract bacterial, fungal or viral diseases.

What to do, solution by Coral Club?

Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland has the solution!

Firstly, it is necessary to remove junk foods from the diet, stop drinking sugary and carbonated drinks, rest to recharge your energy, spend more time on yourself and avoid stressful situations. Apply 4 step approach to your daily routine. Click here to find out more.

Furthermore, the body must be hydrated properly by mineralised water e.g water with Coral Mine. One should perform a detox like Coal Detox or Colo Vada to liberate the body from the toxins and then replenish it with nutrients through food and supplements like Nutri Pack. Vitamins and minerals will strengthen the immune system and recharge the body's energies.

The products of the Coral Club are natural and give the body the nutrients it needs to get back on its feet.

Products by Coral Club United Kingdom, England for the Immune System:

To increase the immune system and physical energy, 5 products by Coral Club are recommended: FirstFood Colostrum, Zinc, Selenium, Nutri Pack and Activin.

FirstFood or Colostrum by Coral Club is an extract of colostrum, a special substance produced by mothers of mammals in the first 48 hours after birth and is rich in immunoglobulins and nutrients, which protect and feed the newborn. Coral Club s FirstFood Colostrum is the best product to increase and strengthen our immune system defences, to improve digestion, to regenerate muscles and bones.

Zinc by Coral Club is a zinc-rich mineral supplement that plays a fundamental role in all body systems. Zinc is an indispensable mineral for maintaining immune system defences, for speeding up wound healing and reproductive health.

Selenium is a supplement by Coral Club with extraordinary antioxidant properties. This product by Coral Club is particularly suitable for counteracting immune declines, for those subjected to strong stress, for combating cardiovascular problems, for pre / post intervention rehabilitation and for regulating the functioning of the thyroid.

Nutri Pack by Coral Club is a program that contains all essential nutrients for daily bodies needs. Nutri Pack is rich in vitamins A, C, E and minerals that strengthen the immune system and have antioxidant properties. It improves memory, regulates the functions of the cardiovascular system, counteracts cellular ageing, increases the body's energies and increases physical endurance.

For more information and if you want to receive a personalised program, we recommend that you contact the Coral Club Ambassador in the United Kingdom, England and Ireland consultant by filling the form here or writing on WhatsApp on +447474794947.

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