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Good Mood programme

Good Mood programme from Coral Club England, UK

Depression is one of the most widespread mental disorders in the world, and it is on the rise in the UK.

People suffering from depression often experience the following symptoms: bad mood, anxiety, nervousness, loss of interest in things, loss of attention, insomnia, low energy and indifference.

Often depression is observed when biochemistry in the body is unbalanced and the digestive system is weak. Often people reporting depression or depression symptoms have a problem or imbalance in their biochemistry.
On a physical level, there is a decrease in immune defences, a lack of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, a weakening of the nervous system, recurrences or acute exacerbations of pathologies already underway. Depression can also lead to poor lifestyle choices which can impact relationships and work performance.

What to do - solution from Coral Club England / Ireland?

To find relief from depression, it is recommended to see a clinical professional, such as a psychologist. It is also important to re-evaluate daily priorities such as adopting a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, taking exercise, getting outside and finding ways to de-stress. In addition, we need to give our body what the depression has taken away; replenishing water, vitamins, minerals and strengthening brain function are all important steps to take.

To improve mood, it is advisable to take healthy and plant-based products from the Coral Club Wellness range, which give the body the necessary energy and nutrients. 

Products from the Coral Club UK that combat depression and increase physical energies are: Evening Formula, Folic Acid, Coral Lecithin, Omega 3, PowerMin, Gotu Kola and Tasty.

Evening Formula is a food supplement that helps the body to cope with stress, depression and it normalises sleep rhythm. The ingredients of "Evening Formula" are carefully selected to protect the body from stress, from deep within the nervous system. It also works to improve mood and act as a general tonic. 

Folic acid is a supplement that improves mood and fights depression. Folic acid is not produced by the body, so we must integrate it with food and through supplementation. This molecule is responsible for the preservation of nerve cells by preventing neurological diseases and fighting stress.

Coral Lecithin is a lecithin-based supplement; an important phospholipid that makes up myelinated cells and prevents nervous system diseases. This supplement improves metabolism and mood, reduces irritability and relaxes the body. Lecithin also regulates the cardiovascular system, fights atherosclerosis, protects the liver and strengthens hair, nails and skin with its anti-aging properties.

Omega 3 from Coral Club UK, is a supplement rich in Omega fatty acids, important components of the cell membrane, which our body is unable to produce and therefore needs to be integrated with the diet or with this specialised product. Omega acids improve the conductivity of nerve cells, fight cardiovascular problems, reduce inflammatory disorders, improve concentration and memory, fight asthma and pre-menstrual syndrome

PowerMin is a supplement based on mineral salts and vitamins E, D and C with exceptional antioxidant properties. This product prepares the body to deal with stress, to counteract free radicals and to regulate the endocrine glands. PowerMin also prevents changes in metabolism, cardiovascular disease and increases the immune system.

Gotu Kola is a natural extract of the leaves of the "herb of memory" of Madagascar, which regulates cerebral blood circulation, improves mental performance and increases physical strength. Gotu Kola fights atherosclerosis, fatigue and neurosis, while increasing memory and strengthening vascular walls and capillary micro-circulation.

Tasty B is a lime-flavoured complex of B-vitamins that gives our body the right energy to cope with everyday stress. This product helps regenerate the cells of the immune and nervous system, improves the energy metabolism, regulates the cardiovascular nervous system and reduces irritability and increases serenity.

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