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The Gloving Skin

The Gloving Skin Program, from Coral Club, England, UKThe Gloving Skin Program

The skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary function is to protect our tissues and organs from external agents, parasites, bacteria and toxins. Skin conditions are on the rise at the moment and they affect both adults and children, for example dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Lets look at the factors that affect skin:

Parasites and their toxins; the most common are fungus like tinea (ringworm), athlete's foot and other parasitic infections that live in the intestine and produce toxin wastes, affecting the skin because it is one of the excretory systems.

Toxins; that enter the body with a poor diet, use of commercial personal care products and detergents.Also many other chemicals that we accumulate from the environment we live in, they all contribute to premature ageing and skin pathologies.

Certain foods can also trigger skin issues in different people; foods containing preservatives, dyes and stabilisers often are detrimental to the health of the liver and the skin. Food which is poor in enzymes and low in vitamins, live cultures and minerals will contribute to skin issues.

Finally poor hydration is another major cause of problems that threaten the body’s health, including the skin. Fizzy, artificially coloured drinks and juices fill the body with sugars, toxic substances and dyes which lead to chronic dehydration and a  decrease in pH which forms an acidic environment in the body that is suitable for parasitic growth and accelerate premature ageing.

To improve the health of the skin, it is advisable to adjust hydration, use an anti-parasitic and general purification program. This approach will help to purify the liver, the intestine and lymph; places were toxins are stored or processed. By improving the function and detoxification pathways the skin will be in better health long term.

Following natural supplements can help in improving skin health: Artichoke, Alfalfa, Selenium and Coral Mine.

Coral Artichoke: is a supplement based on hepatoprotectors extracted from milk thistle, dandelion, betaine and artichoke. This product is a powerful liver purifier and helps to prevent digestive tract and skin diseases. Artichoke is specifically recommended for protecting the liver from free radicals, improving diuretic properties, detoxifying the whole organism and stimulating the production of bile. When liver performs its job well, the skin is glowing.

Coral Alfalfa: is a supplement based on a medical herb with extraordinary regenerating properties. This product is rich in proteins and minerals, essential for restoring body balance, combating cellular ageing, nourishing the skin and supporting healthy liver performance.

Selenium: is a mineral supplement with exceptional antioxidant properties. This mineral participates in healthy metabolism which help purifies the whole body ridding it of toxins. It helps the skin to stay healthy and boosts the body’s immunity. In addition, selenium works to improve the function of the cardiovascular system, as well as strengthening the hair and nails.

Coral Mine: is a supplement based on 73 essential minerals that purify and mineralise drinking water. This exceptional product improves the pH balance, structure, quality and the composition of minerals of the water we drink every day. Coral Mine improves the circulation in the body, strengthens hair and nails, as well as purifying the skin.

Purification program Coral Detox + Liver Support Coral Artichoke:

Coral Detox: a set of products which include Coral Mine to perform a gentle detox. During this detox it is advisable to add Coral Artichoke to give extra support to the liver, the major detox organ.

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