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The Anti-Inflammatory Program for Women

The Anti-Inflammatory Program for Women

Many women suffer from inflammation of the urogenital apparatus. It is important to  seek a complete cure and then use preventive methods to avoid these disorders. Neglecting to stop the problem can lead to recurrences and chronic inflammation, which can eventually affect fertility.

Pollution and a stressful life have a negative effect on our habits and on female reproductive organs. A lack of nutrients and a poor diet can cause imbalances within our body. It is therefore important to act on one's lifestyle and habits to increase the strength of the immune system and reinforce the body’s defences with the use of natural products that help to rebalance the physiological processes.

Inflammation in the urogenital apparatus of women are due to various causes. One of the biggest causes is bacterial infections (chlamydia, candida, ureoplasm, trichomoniasis) or viral infections (genital herpes, HPV, papilloma virus).

What to do?

You need to take the 4 STEPS of Health, daily: ensuring hydration, work towards optimum nourishment, support detoxification and apply preventive programs for a healthy female reproductive system.

Knowing the causes of infections, you can act accordingly with natural products from the Coral Club Wellness line, which are not harmful and respect the body’s natural balance.

The ideal products to prevent and treat infections of the female reproductive system are:

  • - Pau D'Arco Bark
  • - ParaFight
  • - Coral Lecithin
  • - PhytoMix
  • - Colo Vada
  • - Papaya

Pau D'Arco Bark is a product of plant origin, based on extracts of the homonymous curative plant, which acts against infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. This plant has antioxidant properties, which act on cell ageing and increase cell regeneration. The Pau D'Arco Bark product is indicated for diseases of the reproductive system, respiratory system, inflammation of various origins, diseases of the urogenital tract, fungal infections and skin diseases.

ParaFight is a combination of plant extracts with antiviral, antibacterial and anti-elven properties. This product contains more than 15 different extracts, whose properties are toxic for all types of parasites, while it is absolutely harmless to the human body.

Coral Lecithin gives the body the right amount of fat essential for the regeneration of healthy cells, which is important for all reproductive processes. Coral Lecithin has many other beneficial properties for the body, including that it: improves metabolism, increases concentration, prevents diseases of the nervous system, has a hepatoprotective effect, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthens hair, nails and skin.

PhytoMix is ​​a supplement based on phytoestrogens, plant substances similar to female oestrogen's. Phytomix has important benefits for the female reproductive system; it stabilises  hormone balance, regulates the menstrual cycle, and it increases libido. This supplement is a rich source of lignans, which neutralise the deficiency of female hormones by improving mood and minimising premenstrual symptoms, such as nervousness, pain, swelling and irritability.

Colo Vada Detox is an exceptional detox program for the healthy maintenance of the digestive tract and especially of the colon. Anatomically, the colon is located behind the urogenital apparatus. When the colon is toxic, the tissue that separates it from the urogenital apparatus becomes permeable, allowing the passage of bad bacteria and toxins into the vagina and bladder, which then creates problems that often lead to pathologies.  It is  therefore essential to keep the digestive system healthy and always try to improve the bacterial flora.

Papaya is a natural supplement that is obtained from the pulp of the papaya fruit. Papaya has a regenerating action and it increases the immune and anti-inflammatory responses. Papaya is also a unique product to improve digestion, give vitality to the body, destroy the toxins of many pathogens and speed up the metabolism.

To create a personalised program, contact Nadiya Clinical Nutritionist, the leading consultant for Coral Club UK.