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New in Coral Club

ONESTACK: Mental Force

ONESTACK Mental Force is a complete program to support and reinforce cognitive function. It includes 8 products and is divided into 3 phases, each lasting 10 days. Accurately following the program through all the phases brings lasting benefits.

This program helps us to keep our brain active and more productive, especially during periods of high stress and mental fatigue.

It is a product recommended to all because, due to stress, frenetic rhythms or nutritional deficiencies, we can all incur periods of mental fatigue as well as physical fatigue.

It is particularly suitable for the following categories of people:

those suffering from anxiety;

those suffering from insomnia;

those who find it hard to concentrate;

those who study or perform jobs that require strong concentration;

those who notice deterioration in memory both short and long term;

those who, due to illness or heavy periods, feel devoid of mental energy.

Synergizer Coral Club UK

Orange & Mango Synergizer from Coral Club UK

Synergizer is a dynamic new product that delivers energy resources directly to the body when it is needed. A refreshing taste with aromas of orange and mango, this supplement is an excellent way to get an efficient vitality charge and to enrich the organs with necessary micro-elements just when they are needed.

Main benefits:

— regulates metabolism
— optimises brain activity
— reduces bad cholesterol

— no unwanted side effects
— removes toxins from the body
— provides vitamins, minerals and amino acids

— guarantees a boost for physical and mental work


The use of this product can be called the «ecological method» to obtain sufficient energy. It is characterised by a unique composition of guarana extract, green tea extract, glucose, sucrose and maltodextrin, L-carnitine, glucuronolactone and amino acids.

To find our more about Synergizer follow this link.

PentoKan Coral Club UKPentoKan is a supplement aimed at preventing potassium deficiency in the cells and ensuring constant concentration. All body cells use potassium for multiple chemical reactions, so adequate potassium intake is the key to the proper and healthy functioning of cells in the body.

The active components of PentoKan are potassium, vitamin C and ribose. These ingredients are found in an easily assimilable form and yield the preventive properties of cancer and enhance the production of cellular energy.

PentoKan is an excellent lifestyle supplement for those who care about optimizing their body’s resources and enjoying healthy longevity. It contributes to restoring energy levels during protein synthesis, regulates potassium levels, prevents oxidative stress and strengthens the immune system.

It is a supplement recommended to everybody, but especially to:

— people subjected to chronic stress

— people who regularly practice physical activity

— people with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases

— people with suppressed immunity, suffering from frequent infections or autoimmune conditions

For more information on PentoKan follow this link.

Hi-Fiber Coral Club UKHi-Fiber is a rich combination of exclusive nutrients that provides healing actions for the digestive system. It contains prebiotics and probiotics, dietary fiber, a high concentration of Glutamine and Aloe Vera extract.

Hi-Fiber is an essential supplement for people with a weak digestive system, in particular for people suffering from constipation, intestinal swelling, excessive gas production and pain in the abdomen.

It offers a distinctive berry flavour because it is a rich source of the powerful berry Acai with its antioxidant power.

Benefits of Hi-Fiber Coral Club England

— helps to keep body weight under control

— ensures satiety without having to introduce additional calories

— protects the stomach and intestines from the action of free radicals

— improves digestion that is reflected in the health of the whole organism

— is a source of amino acid glutamine which accelerates intestinal healing

— contains aloe vera gel which has a soothing and calming effect for the whole Digestive Tract

To find our more about Hi-Fiber follow this link.