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pH and products that improve it: Coral Mine, H-500 and Microhydrin

pH and products that improve it: Coral Mine, H-500 and Microhydrin.

The first step to feeling good and being healthy long term is having our pH at the right levels, i.e. slightly alkaline. Normally our blood pH should be at 7.3-7.4. If it drops below 7.3 we go into acidosis. If our lymphatic pH drops that will be affecting our blood pH and shifting into acidosis with time. Acidic environment in the body predispose us to many serious pathologies such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s and premature ageing.

For this reason, in addition to eating well and having a healthy lifestyle, it is advisable to help yourself with specific supplements that keep the pH at optimal levels and contrast acidosis and cell oxidation like Coral Mine, H-500 and Microhydrin by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland.

The importance of pH

When we talk about pH we talk about the acidity level of our body. To stay healthy it should always be around 7.3-7.4 in the blood. Unfortunately, every day we are subjected to the risk of altering our pH. Poor nutrition, alcohol consumption, smoking, pollution and stress are the main factors that acidify our body and blood.

Foods of animal origin, refined sugars, processed and unnatural foods all have an acidic pH and, consequently, acidify us. Early internal and external ageing derives from organic acidosis. Therefore, not only will the skin lose its tone, wrinkles and blemishes will start to appear.

The risks of an acidic pH

According to numerous studies, an acidic pH is at the base of all pathologies. In order to return our pH to normal levels, the body extracts minerals from the bones. In particular, calcium is subtracted. Calcium-deprived bones become much more fragile which leads to poor bone health.

For these reasons it is essential to keep our pH at the right levels. To do this, it is essential to eat healthy, especially with plenty of fresh vegetables and to integrate with Coral Club’s targeted supplements.

The best supplements by Coral Club United Kingdom, England and Ireland to balance pH

Coral Club United Kingdom, always attentive to people's well-being, has created specific supplements to bring our pH back to the right levels.

Coral Mine

Small pocket filters to always carry with you in your bag. These filters bring precious minerals to make the pH of the water at the right point. Coral Club’s Coral Mine also improves ORP (oxidation reduction potential).


This supplement by Coral Club is a very powerful antioxidant that alkalises water. Thanks to its ionic shape it never oxidises. Coral Club’s H-500 negatively charges the ions of the water making it in tune with our cells.


Coral Club’s Microhydrin is the antioxidant par excellence. Not only does it alkalise water and provide precious minerals, it also supplies our cells with energy. Also unlike other antioxidants, it never oxidises.

Coral Mine, Microhydrin and H-500 by Coral Club are available in the United Kingdom, England and Ireland.

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