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Colo Vada and Coral Mine for a deep detox!

Colo Vada and Coral Mine for a deep detox!

Coral Club's Colo Vada and Coral Mine are two indispensable products for each of us! They should never be missing in you house. These two products satisfy two basic needs: they purify the body and keep it well hydrated. Coral Club has developed a health concept that is divided into 4 steps, simple to follow and very logical. Detox and hydration are the basis of lasting health. For this reason, Colo Vada and Coral Mine are essential pillars for staying healthy, active and fit.

Colo Vada by Coral Club

Coral Club's Colo Vada is a program focused on deep cleansing. It is divided into 3 phases and lasts 14 days. The program can be practiced at home without interfering with your work or your general day-to-day activities.

Colo Vada rids the intestines of toxins, parasites and bad bacteria. Consequently, it improves digestion by enhancing the function of the digestive system and intestinal regularity. With just one program like Colo Vada Plus in practice, you purify, lose a few kilograms of excess fat and start to digest food properly again. Furthermore, by improving digestion and eliminating blockages in the intestine, the assimilation of essential nutrients is improved.

The first phase of Colo Vada is preparatory. Through completely natural laxatives, the process of expulsion of waste in the intestine is restarted. The second step, however, is the real purification. A very important element is introduced: clay. It is invaluable in that it absorbs impurities, captures them and pushes them out of the body through the faeces. In the third and final phase of Colo Vada, we work in particular on the digestion and rebalancing of the intestinal flora.

At the end of this 14 day journey with Coral Club’s Colo Vada you will feel brand new and full of energy. In addition, your skin will be clear and radiant, the mind more lucid. You will also be able to concentrate better at work, in class or generally anything that requires your focus and attention. Coral Club's Colo Vada can be repeated several times throughout the year. 

However, it must be noted that if you have kidney stones larger than 1 cm or pregnancy, it is best to consult your doctor first about following the Colo Vada program by Coral Club.

Coral Mine by Coral Club

Coral Mine is the most loved product by all Coral Club members worldwide. It is a a filter that performs two functions:

  • — purifies water

  • — enriches your water with 73 alkaline minerals

Drinking clean water is crucial to feeling good and staying healthy. At least 1.5 litres of pure water should be drunk every day. Not coffee, tea, sodas or alcohol: only pure water. However, tap or bottled water is not clean: it contains heavy metals. As if that is not enough, it has a physiological composition that is not in tune with the cells of the human organism.

Coral Mine by Coral Club improves the composition of the water to make it in line with what the cells require. In particular, it works on the water's ORP (Reductive Oxide Potential) bringing it from + 150 / + 300 to -50 / -100, the value useful for our body.

Furthermore, by providing alkaline minerals, CoralMine counteracts inflammations, states of acidosis and, therefore, serious pathologies such as metabolic disorders and neurodegenerative diseases deriving from an acidic state of the body.

Being pocket filters, you can take CoralMine by Coral Club with you anywhere even when travelling.

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