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4 Steps to vibrant health

Health is something most of us take for granted and only when we lose it, we start to appreciate it and want to return the energy levels and feeling of wellbeing. Our body is usually full of resources, but often we abuse them and we ignore the messages the body sends to alert us of weaknesses. Ideally we should pick up these messages and act promptly via natural methods to restore the balance, otherwise it leads to chronic illnesses that require much greater effort and time to recover.

To maintain lifelong good health and preventing from complete run down, one should consider to live by respecting the bodily needs and act daily to keep the body in balance.

Coral Club offers a functional health approach in 4 steps which is based on the needs of each single cell in our body, this is because they are the primary building blocks of our body and the base for our tissues, organs and systems.

Trillions of cells regenerate everyday, therefore we need to care daily for healthy regeneration. Let’s have a look at what a cell requires for healthy regeneration:

4 Steps to vibrant health

Traditional medicine usually looks to address an issue on the organ level but in our body everything works synergistically and the function of one organ is closely affected by the other. When we present a health concern to a traditional doctor the body is usually already in the late stages of chronic dehydration, poor detoxification, lack of nutrients and little is done to optimise health and prevent disease.

The wholistic approach developed by Coral Club looks at the root cause, by re-equilibration of the terrain (Lymph and Blood) and providing nutrients for healthy cell regeneration and this over time gives a solid basis to form a healthy body and mind.

It is vital to understand that health starts with healthy cells which are the basic building blocks of our tissue, which forms organs that then take part in 12 systems in our body.

Which forms organs that then take part in 12 systems in our body

Lets look at what our cells need?

1. Hydration

The most essential substance for life in all living creatures on the planet is water. The ideal water for our cells has specific chemico-physical properties such as slightly alkaline pH, negatively charged H2O molecules and medium mineralisation, ideally with minerals in organic form, so they can be utilised by the cells.

Lets look closer at the perfect water parameters that make cells thrive:

Lets look closer at the perfect water parameters that make cells thrive

pH it’s a scale that measures the alkalinity or acidity of a liquid. The following liquids i.e. water, water with added minerals, freshly made green juices are neutral or slightly alkaline which is beneficial to the body. Liquids such as coffee, tea, juices, alcohol are acidic contributing to poor health by depleting the body from mineral and energy resources.

Most of the body liquids has an alkaline pH which is kept in the narrow range between 7.2 — 7.8, this is because alkalinity is vital for our cells, for oxygen flow, viscosity and purity of the lymphatic system and the blood where cells live. The alkaline body is a healthy body, we can compare it to the river: clean, transparent, fresh, always on the move, no parasitic life is present. People with healthy alkaline bodies are positive and healthy people, they are always on the go with multiple ideas and energy to realise them, they have a good «alkaline» mood and are actively progressing in life.

When the bodies fluids shift towards acidity and this happens very often nowadays because of sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits and lifestyle choices, the chronic conditions are the end results.

The lymphatic system and blood in these people can be compared to a lake or to a swamp where the water is stagnated, full of algae and different forms of life, often parasitic creatures are present. The slightly acidic pH in the body encourages growth of bacteria, viruses and other commensal or pathogenic forms of life. Fat and water soluble toxins will accumulate more easily which affect the cells function. Cells in such an environment are depleted from oxygen and anaerobic respiration takes place which over time may contribute to gene mutation as acidity weakens the membrane and the toxins from the lymphatic system penetrate into the cell.

In 1931 the Nobel Prize scientist Otto Warburg scientifically proved that cancer cells can live only in the acidic environment. The acidic environment can be linked to multiple health conditions and it is a result of our daily choices because most drinks except water are acidic, as well as cooked food which overall contribute to acidity in the body.Nobel Prize scientist Otto Warburg scientifically proved that cancer cells can live only in the acidic environment

People with high acidity in the body are often craving sugar, suffering from brain fog, pains in the body, chronic health conditions, decreased energy, low mood or mild depression and they don’t have much interest in life.

Lack of proper hydration with alkaline water leads to all sorts of diseases, this is because water is essential for the natural detox process and for all metabolic reactions. Water is the major component of our body which makes up around 60 — 70% and it is essential for life, lack of hydration leads to death in as little as 4 days!

To improve the pH in your water Coral Mine, Microhydrin and H-500 can be used.

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)ORP is a measuring scale that indicates the antioxidant power of a liquid. The negatively charged ORP donate negatively charged ions to the cells which act as an antioxidant. It is fantastic resource for your body of electrolytes and energy. Whereas positively charged oxidation potential takes bodily resources which over time lead to poor health.

The ORP oscillates between — 500 and + 500, the ideal ORP for healthy cells is between — 50 — 70. It is interesting to know that unhealthy cells have a positively charged ORP whereas healthy cells are surrounded by water with negatively charged ORP.

The water most people drink has positively charged ORP so called «dead water», meaning that this water steals energy and mineral resources from the body. To make the water negatively charged or so called «live water» the following products can be used: Coral Mine, PentoKan, Microhydrin or H-500. These supplements are specifically designed to facilitate the water absorption and to donate energy and mineral resources to the body.

2. Detox

DetoxDetox is a time when you take care on a deeper level for your body. It is a key process to give the body a reset program and to liberate it from water and fat soluble toxins, cholesterol, uric acid crystals and other organic and non organic chemicals. It is also time for your body to regenerate and reset all vital functions. Our organs work 24h a day and 365 days a year to keep us healthy and at times they also need additional support and specific nutrients which facilitate their work.

There are different detox approaches, some are more gentle and some are very deep and it is wise to start gently and when ready, perform a proper reset (for example Colo Vada Plus). It should be kept in mind that our health is directly dependant on how well our digestive system works and how clean it is (a person can hold up to 2kg of undigested, stagnated matter in their intesine and colon)!

Coral Club also offers various anti parasitic cleanses agains bacteria-yeast overgrowth like Candida, viruses and helminths.

Remember your body is a temple, do not betray it and take great care for it regularly.

3. Nourishment

NourishmentThe basic building blocks for each cell in our bodies are: 28 amino acids, 15 minerals, 12 vitamins, 7 groups of enzymes and 4 polyunsaturates acids.

These need to be provided on a daily basis, so the cells have good building blocks for regeneration.

The foods we eat nowadays don’t have the same concentration of nutrients as a few decades ago, because of the intensive farming. Often our food choices are not balanced and mostly lack multiple nutrients which the cells need, over time the depletion of nutrients contribute to low energy levels, weigh accumulation, multiple chronic conditions and is ignored to serious life threatening conditions.

To prevent poor health it is advisable to provide the body with the required nutrients regularly and this will provide great results in the feeling of wellbeing.

Coral Club has over the last 20 years, researched and designed products that satisfy the cells’ daily needs and these products are a conscious choice for many families who care for their health. All the products in the company have GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) which guaranty the quality at the higher independent standard.

Products with easily assimilable amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals can be purchased in Coral Club UK. These offer easy, quick and convenient solutions to ensure of correct cell-nourishment.

4. Protection

ProtectionProtection is about ongoing self-care habits, it is education in natural approaches and prevention for better health. Among many health promoting practices are:

Walking in nature
Relaxation practice
Essential Oil Aromatherapy
Breathing Techniques e.g. Alexandr Technique
Meditation techniques using music or guided voice
Regular Exercise (stretch & tone, yoga, pilates, spin)

If you are interested in healthy lifestyle join our private group on Facebbok 4 steps to Health.