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Set "Healthy start"

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The release form: Coral Mine Silver 30 Sachets, Griffonia, Super Flora, Papaya, Coral Lecithin

Name in ENG: Set "Healthy start"


The Healthy Start Pack from Coral Club is a balanced combination of the 5 most popular Coral Club products that support your digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems. These products also help detoxify your body, improve metabolism and cope with stress.It is an easy solution for those who are just starting to take their first steps toward a healthy lifestyle. 

Healthy Start Pack includes: 

  • Coral-Mine - a mineral composition from natural Coral that conditions water and improves its quality.

  • Coral Lecithin – a product, which helps to promote health of the heart, brain and liver.

  • Papaya – a source of useful enzymes like papain, lipase and lysozyme, which help to improve digestion and absorption of proteins.

  • Super Flora – a modern symbiotic that includes inulin, bifido- and lacto- bacteria that help to restore healthy microflora, normalize digestion and metabolism.

  • Griffonia – a safe natural antidepressant that aids production of serotonin, which helps to improve your sleeping patterns, mood, and resistance to stress.

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