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  • Assimilator

    Assimilator is an enzymatic complex that is developed to facilitate the complete break down of food into its basic building blocks; which can then be efficiently absorbed and utilised by our cells. Among many well known enzymes such as lipase, protease and cellulase, assimilator is a source of A and D vitamins, both important for overall good health.

  • Daily Health Pack

    Daily Health Pack is a set of products that contain daily necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals and fatty acids) in the right amounts and in a convenient way.

  • Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Chocolate

    Beauty Shake Daily Delicious Chocolate - is the best protein complex which is enriched with essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals and collagen for healthy glowing skin and joint health. The Beauty Shake is available in three delicious flavours chocolate, raspberry and vanilla.

  • Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Raspberry

    The Daily Delicious Beauty Shake is a concentrated source of valuable nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals and collagen, which are essential for a healthy looking skin, healthy joints, nails and hair.It is available in three flavours; vanilla, raspberry and chocolate.

  • Daily Delicious Beauty Shake Vanilla

    The Daily Delicious™ Beauty Shake is a unique blend of balanced proteins derived from plant and animal origin, essential vitamins and minerals that are selected carefully to promote glowing skin, healthy hair, nails, connective tissue and care for your overall wellness. There are three natural flavours for you to choose from.

  • Daily Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup

    Daily Delicious Cream of Mushroom Soup - this is a useful and rich mushroom cream soup, which is rich in protein, vegetable protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The way to quickly starve the hunger, not overloading the body with calories.

  • Daily Delicious Ripe Tomato & Broccoli Soup

    Daily Delicious Ripe Tomato & Broccoli Soup from the company Coral Club - is a natural source of protein and dietary fiber, which can be quickly and easily cooked in a couple of minutes. In one portion contains only 110 kcal.

  • Daily Health Pack, basic

    Daily Health Pack is a set of products that contain daily necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals and fatty acids) in the right amounts and in a convenient way. 

  • FanDetox 30 sticks

    The dietary supplement FanDetox™ was developed by Korean scientist Song Hae Bok specifically for restoring and protecting the liver from the toxic effects of alcohol, drugs, junk food, and other harmful substances. This product contains only highly beneficial and efficient natural vegetal extracts.

  • H-500 120 capsules

    H-500 prevents the ravages of free radicals and boosts energy by stimulating cellular energy output. "H-500" is a lifeblood, endurance and regeneration, physical and mental work capacity. "H-500" increases endurance during any physical exercises, sports and heavy duty.

  • Prenatal+

    Prenatal + contains all the vitamins, minerals and PUFAs that are most necessary during pregnancy, in the optimal amount and concentration. This product supports the woman at a time when it is especially important, and helps her to safely go through the pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child!

  • Silver-Max Care 118 ml

    Dietary supplement Silver-Max is based on a highly effective natural antiseptic - colloidal silver known for its powerful antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. The process of producing colloidal silver solution is to allow the particles to dissolve completely in water thereby ensuring a high quality product.