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HydraCel - 60 ml

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The release form: 60 ml

Name in ENG: HydraCel


  • HydraCel from Coral Club is a mineral concentrate that reduces surface tension of water thus improving such characteristics of intercellular fluids as pH and specific conductivity. It activates involvement of fluids in the biochemical processes.

  • HydraCel Key Benefits

  • - helps improve biological properties of fluids; 

    - helps ensure complete hydration of cells in the human body; 

    - helps increase the absorption of nutrients and their delivery to the cells.

  • HydraCel Ingredients

  • - Besides an ability to reduce the surface tension of water, the mineral components of this product (calcium, silicon, and magnesium) help supplement and maintain the balance of minerals in the body.

  • HydraCel Usage

  • - Mix HydraCel with water for drinking by adding 8 drops (.28 ml) of HydraCel to 8 fl. oz. of water. Drink up to 64 fl. oz. of this mixture daily.

  • HydraCel

  • The surface tension of water plays an important part in the oxidation and restoration processes in the body. Water that is more liquid can more actively participate in the breaking down of biological substances. Intracellular and intercellular water has a rather low surface tension. This can be improved with HydraCel

    HydraCel is a mineral concentrate that reduces the surface tension of water and improves such characteristics of intercellular liquid as PH and specific conductivity, thereby creating conditions for more active participation of the liquid in biochemical processes.

    The colloidal basis for the building of mineral crystals is a source of negatively charged ions. They act like miniature magnets and draw water molecules to their surface, forming liquid crystals. The electrical charge that forms on these crystals changes the properties of water.

    Silicon dioxide has the shape of microspheres with a diameter of about 5 nm, which cluster together forming larger structures. These particles have lots of charged areas that easily bind with water and fat soluble substances and have physical properties not found in other forms of silicon dioxide. Before nutrients can be utilized by the body they have to be dissolved. Water soluble substances have a critical surface tension. Past this critical surface tension a substance cannot be moistened.

    Water can moisten surfaces thanks to hydrogen bonding. The hydrogen atoms found in water molecules are positively charged. For a surface to be capable of being moistened it has to be negatively charged.

    The electrical charges of colloid particles are significantly more than the charge of hydrogen links. When they’re added to your food they bind with the surface of nutrients, expanding it and creating a huge number of areas where binding is possible through hydrogen bonds throughout the volume of the liquid. As a result 100% of the substance gets moistened.

    Fat soluble substances and nutrients do not get moistened with water. When oil particles are encapsulated in the colloid structure, a tiny ball is formed which is bound with water on the outside and with oil on the inside. It has a negative charge on its surface. It is this negative charge that insures that the particles get absorbed by the mucous membrane of the intestine.

    Taking HydraCel will allow you to:

    • Improve the biological properties of water;

    • Ensure 100% hydration of cells;

    • Improve the quality of nutrients and their transportation into the cells.

  • Important - Please read before purchase

    Statements above or on product packaging have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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