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Name in ENG: Garlic


The dietary supplement Garlic is based on garlic oil and is highly recommended for boosting one’s immune response, preventing colds, and improving digestion. It is highly recommended for the prevention of atherosclerosis and hypertension.

  • - One of the most popular agents for cardiovascular disease prevention, atherosclerosis;

  • - Lowers the content of cholesterol in the blood and increases the quantity of lipoproteins of high density, assists in thrombocyte aggregation, and improves microcirculation;

  • - Agent for catarrhal diseases prevention.

Garlic Key Benefits

The product improves immune response.

It suppresses protein decomposition and fermentation in the intestinal tract, and prevents flatulence.

It works as a stimulant for the gastrointestinal tract functioning with anti-parasitic effect.

This dietary supplement normalizes blood cholesterol and is a powerful antioxidant.

Garlic Ingredients

Garlic supplementation is one of the most popular ways of preventing colds.

Glycosides of garlic suppress various types of bacteria, fungi and parasites and prevent fermentation and putrefaction in the intestinal tract without disrupting natural beneficial microbial flora.

Garlic normalizes blood cholesterol, prevents formation of platelets and regulates vascular tone, thus reducing blood pressure.

Garlic Usage

Take one capsule with each meal.


Garlic is a valuable plant taken as a food. A vivid demonstration of this fact is that a plant can be a source of food and a medicine at the same time. Its curative properties were described by Dioscorídes back in the 1st century A.D. 

The main virtue of garlic is a large amount of ethereal oils providing powerful antibacterial qualities. Garlic has over time been used for a buildup of plaque, flue, stomach and bowel atony, dyspepsia, meteorism, and bronchopulmonary diseases. 

Its bulb and leaves contain glycoside alliin, carbohydrates, phytosterols, ethereal and fatty oils, inulin, vitamins С, В, D, and РР, organic acids, minerals: (selenium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and zinc), as well as cobalt, chrome, molybdenum, bromine, and lithium. 

Garlic is one of the most popular agents for prevention of cold-related illnesses. It stimulates the immune system of a human being increasing antibodies formation and phagocytosis. Phytoncides of garlic intensify its depressant effect on malignant bacteria. 

Glycoside allicin is a specific substance of garlic, the source of its specific scent. Owing to allin and allicin – volatile fractions of garlic – this plant has a most powerful antimicrobial, antifungal, and antihelminthic effects. The abovementioned glycosides suppress various kinds of microbes, bacteria, lower fungi, and parasites, prevent fermentation and putrefaction processes in the bowel without disturbing the natural flora of the body, and intensify biligenesis. They can suppress propagation of Helicobakter pylori, this is why garlic is used for gastric and duodenal ulcer. It is also useful for colitis, gastritis, helminthic infection, and bowel atony. 

Garlic normalizes cholesterol levels in blood reducing it by 9% and increasing the level of lipoproteins of high density. It prevents thrombocytes adhesion, regulates vascular tone, and reduces arterial tension. It is a perfect agent for a buildup of plaque, hypertension, and stenocardia prevention. 

Garlic also protects the body from free radicals. It contains a sufficient amount of selenium which binds free radicals and reduces cell oxidation, regulates permeability of the cell membranes, neutralizes toxic effect of radio nuclides and heavy metals, and thus it is recommended for persons working with ionizing radiation or living in ecologically unfriendly places. 

Garlic bio-additive possesses the following useful properties: 
• Prevention agent for cold-related illnesses; 
• Normalizes cholesterol level; 
• Is a powerful antioxidant; 
• Produces antihelminthic effect.


Garlic oil, soybean oil

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