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Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D

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The release form: 120 tablets

Name in ENG: Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D


Apart from having a good taste “Chewable Calcium” provides the human body with such essential mineral as calcium and vitamins C and D which are necessary for calcium absorption. It is effective in preventing conditions that are caused by calcium deficiency, and in strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D Key Benefits

This product helps restore the calcium balance in the body, providing the supply of calcium in amounts necessary for metabolic processes.

It reduces the risk of osteoporosis characterized by bone mass reduction, increased fragility of bones, and heightened susceptibility to fractures and the deterioration of posture.

Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D Ingredients

Calcium is of special importance for women, and not solely during a menopause. An adequate intake of calcium is essential for the growth and development of bones. The process of bone loss begins after the age of 35, and as the process progresses with age, additional calcium intake becomes absolutely necessary.

The balance of calcium and vitamin D is crucial for the formation of healthy bone tissue. It is vitamin D that regulates the active absorption of dietary calcium in the intestinal tract.

Vitamin C plays an important role in the formation of collagen protein, and gives elasticity and stability to bone tissue. It enhances bioavailability of calcium as it works together with vitamin D.

Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D Usage

Chew one tablet twice daily after meals.

Chewable Calcium with Vitamins C&D

  • Pleasant mint flavor tablets provide the body with calcium, vitamins C and D;
  • Calcium takes part in formation and correct development of bone tissue and teeth, and prevents deformation and bone breakage, i.e. prevents development of osteoporosis.

Chewing pleasant mint-tasting calcium tablets supply the body with one of the most important minerals – calcium. As well as vitamins C and D, that are necessary for the proper absorption of calcium. They are very effective in preventing osteoporosis and osteopenic syndrome.

Calcium is an indispensible mineral. In combination with elements necessary for its absorption it participates in the growth of bone and teeth. If calcium is supplied to the body in sufficient quantities and you supplement this with regular exercise, your body starts to stockpile calcium in the bones. This significantly reduces the risk of osteoporosis, a condition characterized by excessive brittleness of the bones, and increased incidence of fractures and bad posture.

In recent years osteoporosis has been afflicting increasing numbers of younger people. This has been caused by a sedentary lifestyle, poor diets, stress, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

Calcium is especially needed by menopausal women because calcium absorption decreases as the level of estrogens in the body subsides. Menopausal women lose about one kilogram of bone tissue every year. Vitamin D significantly enhances calcium absorption, helping in the mineralization of the bone tissue and teeth. Low levels of Vitamin D may lead to poor absorption of calcium if too much of it is taken.

Vitamin C plays an important part in the synthesis and maturation of collagen, the most important bone tissue protein, which makes bones elastic and ensures resistance to deformation. Vitamin C is also needed for the normal production of forms of Vitamin D. Vitamin C deficiency may lead to a situation where even high doses of Vitamin D prove ineffective, which in turn leads to reduced levels of calcium in the body.

Considering osteoporosis the following facts should be noted:

After a person turns 30, the supply of calcium in their bones begins to decrease.

Every other woman and every eighth man are at risk of osteoporosis.

Today mild forms of osteoporosis are increasingly being diagnosed in 16 year-old girls with abnormally low body weight.

Osteoporosis is one of the few conditions for which preventive measures are very well known and quite effective.

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